Cultural Appropiation 101: Beyonce.

Not only does she dress up as Marie Antoinette for fun, - __- But she makes her skin and hair lighter to appear white. Honestly? How many black people have naturally blonde hair? 


Beyonce is allowed to steal from white culture, take our hair color, skin color and OUR POP MUSIC, while we get yelled at for Grammy  winning Macklemore making beautiful HIP HOP music.. 

Turn up on that…….


i cannot believe you just compared our lord and saviour beyonce giselle knowles hyphen carter to fucking macklemore

idk what “white cultural appropriation” or “white justice” even is. like. was owning people years not enough for you? is our privilege not high enough for you yet? when was the last time white people were legitimately oppressed. (hint: calling somebody a “cracker” is not oppression)

i really don’t know if i have a place discussing race issues because of my privilege so somebody please put me in my place if i say something that isn’t correct. please. 

dressing up as some white woman doesn’t mean SHIT. i’ll tell you what does mean shit: when you have some white person w/ a grill in their mouth or wearing black face it is OH SO FUNNY & CUTE. but do you know how many times i’ve seen a POC with a grill called trashy or “thug”? do white people w/ black face suffer the same way actual POCs suffer? fuck no. to them it’s a funny costume to put on so they can go collect candy every year. 

you’re about to talk about how macklemore is some kind of white saint sent from heaven. what kind of asswipe exploits the lgbt community for profit? (in fact, the only issue this man speaks about is same sex marriage. that doesn’t mean a thing to me. homeless lgbt youths? increased violent crimes against trans ppl? nah fuck it, being able to get married is the major issue here.) this guy is the perfect example of an ally. he only cares about us when HE is the one getting attention. honestly he can take his ally bullshit some place else because i don’t need somebody like him fighting for my rights. 

here we have beyonce: she has been encouraging women to be the best they can be literally since the destiny’s child days. openly supports the lgbt community but has never used our struggles to gain publicity for herself. ever. do you think i give a fuck about some white guy thinking he was gay because he made a cute doodle? no. i care about beyonce singing about turning her cherry out and telling me that i woke up flawless. she is so incredibly aware of the status of women and is not afraid to tell people the truth. that is a true role model. that is the kind of person i want to look up to. i don’t want to look up to some irrelevant white man. 

When gay people speak aloud^^^^




Shame Rihanna, your name is shame.

Who better for CUltural APpropiation 103 than Queen of it All Rihanna.

Rihanna steals from everyone. She has been stealing the pop culture that Madonna created back in the 80’s. 

Fake skin, Fake Hair, Fake Contacts and a Fake Accent too match. 

Have you heard her do an “American Accent”? It actually is quite distateful. READ!

Hay Rihanna, I stole your Umbrella-ella-ella -eh, to overcast the shade on your  forhead.

When people clearly hate their own life, they spew out shit like this.

Lies Blacks Tell

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Cultural Apporiation 102

Bruno Mars. We all saw the superbowl. We all so the stolen moves from King of Pop and Rock and Roll Elvis. 

What he is doing is cultural apporiation. The way he sings, the way he dances, his hair all of it. All from a culture that bred rock music. Which was eventually sampled and turned into hip hop. (eyeroll).

 What are we to do to stop this? First we must acknowledge the wrong doing. We must work as a team to stop this. Whites and blacks. :) Team..

Sometimes when I click on the cultural appropriation tag I have to stop and really wonder what fresh hell I am stepping into.

Oh sweet Jesus, no. Just no. You can’t culturally appropriate from a cultural appropriator. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Elvis, the man is a cultural icon, but he owed everything he was to the black performers that came before him.

Lies Blacks Tell

I put my ASK on for anyone who wants to have a CIVIL conversation on race. Leave your ebonics and slang out my inbox please.
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I’m sorry to all my supporters but I think I am going to delete again. It is just too much pressure and I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Black people are the worst. No asians or mexicans harass me, only black. AFTER ALL AMERICA HAS DONE FOR BLACK PEOPLE, THEY TREAT US LIKE SHIT.

We freed you.

We clothed you.

We protected you.

And you spit in our faces. You enslave us on social media. You steal our clothes from stores and rape us.

To my supporters, i LOVE YOU and to the Negro Americans Bye Felicia.

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The first ammendment said freedom of expression. Bitches let me express please! Oh my god, this is fucking ridiculous stop sending me anon hate it isnt funny. My wigga MLK is probably rolling in his grave right now. Please just let me express myself. I am not beating or harassing anyone, I am just trying to express my feelings. White people live in FEAR everyday in this country because we are so afraid to speak our minds. I am fucking TREMBLING right now. I am so afraid and paranoid, but i get so much out pouring love from the white community saying persevere so I do. I feel like you all are a thousand little hitlers and I am anne frank. Stop trying to stick me in a gas chamber! Can’t we all just be “my niggas” together? In the words of the late Don King, cant we all just get along?

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Currently working on a posts about the racist cheater that is Lupita Nyongho. She stole Jen’s oscar and said racist shit in her speach about black girls dreams are more valid than whites and I’M NOT LETTING HER GET AWAY WITH IT!

Ps: this is a free country stop stalking my page you chaka khans! I have the right to express my opinion, and be free. I’m not racist, I am a white feminists and I “keep it real”. In words that some of you will understand “IMMA HOOD BIOTCH”! 

So just let me express my self please. If you dont like what I say don’t follow. Now , “girl bye” on that!

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he is so fucking sexy!!!!!!!!!



he is so fucking sexy!!!!!!!!!

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Imagine if white people went around saying stuff like *black tears*, *mexican back sweat* or *chinese geisha powder sweat*????

Oh wait, but since we’re white we just are supposed to sit back and get whipped by people of color????????????

NO! It is racist for blacks to continuously say things like white tears! It is time to stop that ifyou all want the equality Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched about. 

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Can we all agree to stop this shit on that show scandal. My little sister was watching it and I almost threw a fucking croc at her skull! that show is racist and only perpetuates the looney idea that white men hate white women and black women are superior. But wait, I guess thats the new age of feminism right? And I was really suprised someone would let that show happened then I look at the creater and its some big sassy black lady. WTF! I cant believe the world is getting this racist.

Call judge judy, I’m holding scandal in Contempt.

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